Word — Diet Coke

Diet coke has that taste missing from it. I don't know the specific characteristic but it feels like a bit of sugary at the end of your tongue. Not fizzy. Some sensation is missing that only coke provides. I never liked diet coke. My personal favorite soda is the Thumbs Up. Distinctively fizzy and the taste too. My maternal grandfather or Nana used to get crates of it from his work. My granny used to like it I think. I used to take one for myself every time someone opened a bottle. I was a good kid but these were some things my family still remembers and laughs at. I love it when they do that. I like to hear about my childhood. I used to go to my granny’s with my mom. It was a 1-mile walk from where we lived. There was a huge banyan or I think mango tree on the way. Where mom used to lightly spit on my head so that I don't get scared of the ghost on the tree. Some superstition. But now I miss those things. These little details. How parents take care of their children beyond reason. Beyond understanding. These were usually afternoon walks. A mostly light breeze would be there. Some parts of the path are in the shade while some are under the sun. I grew up on that path I think. How she used to take me by carrying me on her side. Then she taught me to walk with her holding her finger along her for some of the paths. Then how I started going the path alone. And then how I took my bicycle to show it to my uncle. There was this house on the way of my father’s maternal uncle. Just before the so-called ghost tree. There would be my father’s aunt sitting on her balcony and every time we passed she would cry out a hello to my mom. And my mom would respond. And this was a routine. Somedays when she didn't I used to get curious. Also, she was just a sound and a lady in a yellow sari for me for a long time. I have only been into that house maybe twice until now. But this everyday interaction remains in my head. My mom was the wife of their nephew. So they always blessed her and me. The benefit of living in a close community in a rural setting.




New to writing. Practicing object writing for now. “Word” series is just me waking up and writing for 10 minutes on a random object.

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Love Mehta

Love Mehta

New to writing. Practicing object writing for now. “Word” series is just me waking up and writing for 10 minutes on a random object.

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